Australian Louvre Roof Kit

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Australian Louvre Roof Kit

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Don’t let the elements ruin your plans! Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered. Literally!

Louvre Kit Co. is the new pinnacle game changer in the ‘open sun and shade’ louvre roof Adelaide industry, ready for the 21st century.

Orana Australia Limited do most pre assembly and package each individual louvre roof Adelaide kit. The kits are housed in protective crates also made by Orana Australia Limited ready for distribution.

Orana Australia Limited is a disability services and support organisation based in South Australia.

Louvre Kit Co is working in conjunction with Orana and are creating work opportunities for their employees.

Louvre Kit Co have also worked in conjunction with Lysaght to produce an engineered, framing system utilising their high tensile BHP Colourbond materials.

Louvre Kit Co are proud to be Australian and New Zealand made.

We know what it’s like trying to create that ‘just right’ environment. Outdoors is the perfect way to soak up what’s good in life but when mother nature has other plans, you need one too!

From function spaces to households, pergolas to window slats we’ve got you covered! Smart, affordable, convenient, and strong louvres Adelaide!

So whatever that weather forget the hat and toss out the rain coats.

Buy a Louvre Roof Kit today!

Louvre Kit Co Features

  • Sunlight and Airflow. Louvres are a series of motorised slats and when interlocked create a waterproof roof and can hold air temperature. Opened they allow light in and air flow.
  • Tailoring for residential or commercial, alfresco, canopies, carport and undercover areas and window treatments.
  • Customised for most spaces including pergola replacements and window slats.
  • Louvres can hold and release cold/heat in confined spaces.
  • Full autonomy. Inexpensive automatic and self-powering roof. With 24 volt drive and optional Solar powered.  No power required, all powered by the sun – you don’t need a power point. Also enjoy inbuilt automatic rain sensors that close slats on rain detection as well as the practical convenience of a remote control to open and close when needed.
  • Innovative aluminium extrusion, unmatched on strength and durability. Flexibility with custom designing and engineered structural framing.
  • Game changing DIY Kit form for both Patio covers and window treatments. Large range of sizes and colours.
  • Ordering of any individual louvre kit is simplistic. There are many size and colour options available, and existing framework is easily adaptable with supplied DIY instructions.
  • Louvre Kit Co have their own team of installers who are on hand to fit any louvre roof Adelaide kit.
  • Construction. We are equipped to build and service the product with our expert construction and project management team.

Do It Yourself, or Pay to Fit

Between the precision of Lysaght and Orana Australia Limited and with the expertise of Louvre Kit Co – a kit can be produced with most of the cutting and drilling already completed by Orana Australia Limited.

This would only entail a little more of do it yourself work to erect your new kit.

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